Cleveland Hosts East Coast Property Tour

A Look Back At The Most Recent Real Wealth Network East Coast Property Tour

In August of 2019, Prosper Cleveland hosted a two day mastermind event in which some of the best real estate turnkey providers shared their areas of expertise. That same weekend, the city of Cleveland had the honor of hosting a three day Real Wealth Network East Coast Property Tour. The event started at Cleveland's Rock And Roll Hall of Fame where Prosper co-hosted a social event in which the best features of Cleveland were presented and enjoyed by over 200 investors.

The event was followed by an Investor Property showcase, where thirteen R.E.A.L. Income Property™ turnkey providers presented information regarding their markets and showcased their cash flow properties. On Sunday, two large limousine buses filled with investors embarked on the Property tour where they were introduced to some of the best neighborhoods Cleveland has to offer. As they drove through neighborhoods like Edgwater, Euclid, Lakewood, and University Heights, they had the opportunity to view and purchase some of the finest Prosper properties on the Cleveland market.

The investors also had a chance to experience some of the best aspects of Cleveland such as the Health Tech Corridor, University Circle, Lakefront Development, Metro Health Campus area, and Ohio City. Prosper Cleveland provides ongoing tours of the North East Ohio and their investment properties throughout the year. If you are interested in arranging a tour please contact us. .

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